Outdoor Lighting

Bright Ideas for Your Landscape

Outdoor lighting extends the time you can enjoy your outdoor space while adding to your home’s beauty. Grunder Landscaping Co. understands the play between light and shadow that different lighting products can create. We know how to use lighting to capitalize on certain plantings or features of your home and landscape. ¬†Our lighting designs incorporate the safety and utility of lighting with the aesthetic features it can create and the result is truly spectacular.

An Investment in Landscape Lighting Adds Beauty and Value to Your Home

We only use high quality connections and transformers that have a lifetime warranty so that you have piece of mind. Your landscape lighting will reliably add beauty and function to your home for the long term. And, low voltage outdoor lighting is energy-efficient and thus, will have very little impact on your utility costs.

From design to installation to maintenance, Grunder Landscaping Co. offers a full range of landscape lighting services to bring out the best in your property. Contact us today for more information.

Lighting Options for Your Landscaping

Walkway lighting can safely light paths while highlighting plants or shrubs along the way.

Spread lighting is ideal for illuminating low shrubs or ground cover.

Security lighting can deter prowlers with strategically placed flood or spot lights around your property.

Silhouette lighting is perfect for accenting walls, sculptures or plants, and is usually concealed behind the item being silhouetted.

Shadow lighting casts lights on the front of landscape objects, creating shadow effects on the walls behind them.

Spot lighting can dramatically highlight ornamental and shade trees, statues, shrubs or building features.