Be the Envy of Your Neighbors

February 13, 2018

Our Expert LandKeeping Team Will Make Your Property Stand Out

Beautiful landscapes require ongoing, expert maintenance to stay that way. At Grunder Landscaping, our team of professionals has the horticultural know-how, decades of experience, and proper equipment to make your place stand out. We call it LandKeeping™ and our crews are doing it all over the Dayton region.

Timing Is Everything

Flowers bloom and fade, shrubs require pruning, and trees need trimming. But when? And how? There’s a lot of science behind it all, actually. Our LandKeeping team is passionate about horticulture and they know exactly what to do and when to do it. You never have to give it a thought.  

Attention to Detail

We were thrilled to hear one of our LandKeeping clients say, “The best day of the week is when the Grunder crew shows up. It’s clean, it’s beautiful . . . and it puts a smile on my face.” Our team members are trained to take care of every detail at your property. From edging, mulching, weeding, and pruning to picking up sticks and leaves, they’ve got it all covered.  

At Your Service

We take as much pride in your property as you do. Our team will leave you a detailed report of all the tasks they completed and inform you of any issues they encounter. Many of our clients enjoy this level of service so much that they also have us manage their irrigation systems, annual floral displays, and even house painting. Whatever you need, we’ll work closely with you to customize a property maintenance plan that’s right for you.

Give us a call at 937.847.8000 and we’ll get you started.