Got a Case of the Winter Blues?

January 24, 2018

We Can Take the Edge Off That

We may not be able to make spring come any sooner, but we can warm you up with a vision for what your property can be when the temperature climbs. Our designers can work with you now to create and plan a landscape that’s beautiful, unique, and carefully thought through. With decades of experience and more than 40 design awards to our credit, you can trust us to bring your vision to life.

At Grunder Landscaping, we understand landscaping is a serious investment. We also know that, like everyone else these days, you’re busy with work and family and all the demands on your attention that come with modern life. That’s why we’ve developed a design process that’s easy on you but exacting on us—so you can enjoy your property and leave the details to us.

Our Design Process

Client Consultation. It all starts here. Give us a quick call and let us know what you have in mind. If we’re a good fit, we’ll send one of our landscape designers out right away to walk your property with you and discuss your vision in person. They’ll share their conceptual ideas with you as well as point out any maintenance issues you may have or encounter, and then they’ll work with you to establish the scope of your project based on your budget. You’ll gain a thorough understanding of what can and should be done to create lasting beauty and value for your property. The consultation fee is $100.

Following your consultation, your designer will provide you with a quote for the creation of your design plan, either at the end of your meeting or, if your project is complex, they will e-mail it to you within two business days.

Site Survey. If you agree to have us create your design, the Grunder team will measure your property and take down detailed information about site conditions, drainage, grade changes, existing trees and plants, and any other relevant factors. We take great care to correct any issues at your property that could cause problems later, such as improper drainage, weak or dying plants and trees, or slopes that need to be retained. This attention to detail and to doing things right the first time ensures your completed project is not only beautiful but also functions the way it’s meant to.

Design Presentation. Your designer will present you with a color-rendered, scaled drawing of your project together with photos of the plants and materials we’ll use, a detailed proposal of all that we have in mind, and a quote for what the project will cost. This is the fun stage, as your new, improved property begins to come to life right before your eyes. If you award us your project—and we sure hope you will—the Grunder team will get to work planning for its construction and to delivering to you a final product that exceeds your expectations every step of the way.

Want to take advantage of being stuck indoors and get started on your landscape plans now? Call us today at 937.847.8000.