Your Winter Checklist

December 18, 2017

To help you keep your property in top condition throughout winter, one of Grunder Landscaping’s horticulture experts, Paul Stoll, put together this handy checklist. A Master Technician certified by the Ohio Nursery and Landscape Association, Paul has decades of experience in the green industry and a deep store of knowledge. His is advice you can trust.

1. Disconnect All Hoses.

You may also want to cover exposed spigots with styrofoam cones for added protection from freezing.

2. Winterize Your Water Features.

We advise against keeping your water feature running in the winter but if you do, make sure you monitor it very closely throughout the entire season.

3. Got Fish? Install a Heater.

If you have fish in your winterized water feature, use a thermostatic heater to maintain a hole for oxygen exchange.

4. Remove Holiday Decorations.

Holiday decor such as lights can harm trees if left on year-round. We recommend removing all decorations each year.

5. Watch Where Your Snow Goes.

Communicate to your neighborhood snow-removal service where you want the snow pushed or stacked to avoid it crushing your perennials and ornamental plants or damaging them with de-icing chemicals.

6. Look Out for the Birds.

If you enjoy watching birds and choose to feed them, please continue to do so for the entire winter. Birdbaths should be emptied and either stored or turned over to avoid damaging them. If you choose to keep the birdbath heated, please monitor it and keep water available all winter.

7. Water Your Evergreens.

It’s a good idea to water your evergreens a few times during the winter, especially those recently planted as well as those under overhangs or close to foundations where natural rainfall is limited.

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