Grunder Says Goodbye to Shrub Roses

June 12, 2017

A healthy Knockout Rose


Shrub roses, Knock-Out Roses being the most well-known, were an exciting discovery around Ohio.  One that we have been enjoying for more than a decade.  The plants begin blooming in spring and don’t quit until a hard frost, sometimes still producing tons of blooms through November!  They were exciting because they appeared to be a low-maintenance plant, unlike their relatives, the hybrid tea roses.  Most folks are aware of how much care hybrid tea roses require: staking, herbicide applications, pesticide applications, mulching, special pruning techniques, etc. The shrub roses needed none of that, and yet they gave us season-long color, something we rarely find in anything but the annual plants we have to re-plant each year. 

Rose rosette disease is the silent killer

A rose with Rose Rosette Disease

But alas, the shrub roses’ reign is soon to be a thing of the past—they are being steadily overtaken by rose rosette disease (RRD).  RRD causes the plant to become twisted and misshapen and eventually kills the plant.  As if that weren’t bad enough, RRD easily spreads to neighboring roses and beyond.  Because of this, and because continuing to plant them only further spreads RRD, Grunder Landscaping will no longer plant shrub roses.  You may still see other landscaping companies and garden centers selling these plants.  At Grunder, we are committed to providing our clients with long-living and thriving plants for their landscapes.  We cannot plant these roses knowing they are likely to decline, sooner or later.  You can rest assured that our designers will continue to choose the best-performing plants available to ensure that your landscape is a stand-out!

If you suspect that you have infected roses and would like to discuss replacing them with a better-performer, call or email our landscape designers right away, at 937/ 847-8000!