Grunder Designs Mary’s Garden at U.D. Marian Library

March 24, 2017

A Mary Garden is a sacred space for spiritual reflection.  They usually contain plantings and flowers that are symbolic of The Virgin Mary and often there is a statue of Mary present.  Mary Gardens began as early as the 17th Century.  However, the tradition was revived during the 1950’s in the United States by a man named John S. Stokes, Jr.  Grunder Landscaping Company and University of Dayton partnered to create a spectacular Mary’s Garden Exhibit inside Roesch Library on the U.D. Campus.  For more information, click here.

A view of the Spring Mary’s Garden at University of Dayton Library

Statue of Joseph at Mary’s Garden

Some patrons enjoying Mary’s Garden at the Opening Ceremony

Grunder Landscaping Director of Business Development Brent Ogburn and Designer of the Mary Garden at UD, speaking at the Opening Ceremony