Grunder Wins Again!

January 12, 2017

Grunder Landscaping is proud to announce it has achieved award-winning status from The Ohio Nursery and Landscape Association (ONLA) in its prestigious 42nd annual Landscape Awards Program.  The awards will be formally announced during the ONLA Landscape Awards Ceremony on January 15, 2017 in Columbus, Ohio.

Grunder Landscaping was presented with two awards:

  • One Award in the Residential Maintenance Category
  • One Award in the Commercial Maintenance Category

This comes in the same year that Grunder was awarded two National awards in addition to the above State wins.  Kent Sholder, Senior Landscape Sales Associate, said “we are honored to win and so grateful to work for clients who appreciate the quality and experience that go into proper landscape maintenance.”

   Winner in the Residential Maintenance Category                                                

  Winner in the Commercial Maintenance Category